Crestwick Lamb

Our premium lamb range, sourced from lush family-owned farms in southern Australia.


We work closely with our farming partners at every stage of the production process to ensure that we are delivering premium quality lamb throughout the year. Our Crestwick Lambs are carefully selected from the best of Dorset breeds, and are cared for in pristine farming regions across Victoria & New South Wales.

What Makes Crestwick Lamb Different?

Every Crestwick Lamb is carefully selected to meet a strict size criteria, so that we can ensure our customers can always plate up uniform portion sizes, and minimise waste in the kitchen. 

To make our lamb truly special, we take extra care to age all of our products for a minimum of 21 days.  This extra time allows the flavour to and texture of the meat to develop, resulting in a deliciously light, flavoursome and tender lamb product.

As a final finishing touch our expert butchers hand cut and portion all of our products to meet our strict specifications.  This means our products don’t only deliver on taste, but also look great when presented on the plate.

Popular Cut - Frenched Loin Cutlets

Frenched Loin Cutlets are relatively small however they are full of flavour and very tender.  Loin Cutlets are best pan fried, char grilled or barbecued.

Popular Cut - Frenched Lamb Rack

The Lamb Rack French trimmed is prepared from the forequarter by removal of the breast and flap and by a straight vertical cut along the rib bone.

Delicious when crusted, pan seared and then roasted for a flavoursome and tender product.

Popular Cut - Lamb Backstrap

Because this muscle does little work on the animal it is usually as tender as the tenderloin so it is best suited to high temperature cooking methods such as grilling or pan frying.

A perfect addition to salads and souvlaki.

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