From paddock, to kitchen, to plate

From our world class accredited facilities across Australia and overseas, we proudly deliver a quality range of beef, lamb, veal, pork, poultry and small goods products, as well as ready to heat meal solutions.

Established in 1981, Top Cut Foods is Australia’s specialist butcher. Our long-standing partnerships with farmers and meat processors, together with our team's expert knowledge and superb personalised service, ensures that our customers can always enjoy some of the finest quality products the Australian market has to offer.

Our philosophy is simple, we believe that meat is the hero of the plate. We work hard to source consistent quality Australian produce so that our customers can always plate up products best suited to their needs.

As a business, Top Cut Foods provide:

  • Multi-specie processing
  • Daily delivery of product in capital cities across Australia
  • Efficient regional distribution
  • Fast order processing
  • International distribution through Asian network
  • Export distribution from accredited facilities in Queensland

Our Butchers

Within Australia and internationally, Top Cut Foods has one of the largest networks of qualified butchers. This highly skilled team work together to ensure a consistent standard across all products, delivering quality cuts of protein to all customers.

Exporting to the world

Top Cut Foods has been exporting products since 1990. The business comprises of fully owned and operated facilities in both Australia and overseas.


Industry Accreditations

Food safety is our top priority at Top Cut Foods. At every stage of the production chain, Top Cut Foods operates under the highest of industry certifications.


Our Locations

We pride ourselves of being the only national specialist butcher network in Australia, employing over 500 people across the country. Our national footprint allows us to deliver on a national scale, with a personalised local service.  

As well as an Australia wide presence, Top Cut Foods has strategic positioning across Asia, employing over 150 sales and production staff across south-east Asia.


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