One of the finest and most unique selections of smallgoods available in the Australian food service market.


European Inspired.  Australian handmade.

A brand steeped in the history of Top Cut Foods, Kurts Smallgoods features a range of carefully handcrafted sausages and portion controlled bacon.

Today the Kurts Smallgoods range is one of the finest and unique selections available in the Australian food service market.

With a dedicated in-house team who are passionate about delivering the best smallgoods products, the Kurts Smallgoods range continues to be an innovative product selection that customers can rely on for flavour, consistency and the highest quality standards.

Our sausages are made using only 100% Australian meat, combined with authentic herbs and spices that have been handed down through generations.  Kurts Smallgoods continues the art and tradition of Smallgoods production, ensuring premium quality and superior taste is delivered to every customer.


All Kurts sausages only contain 100% Australian meat - sourced from reputable local supply partners. Our long standing supply relationships help to support our pursuit of the best in flavour and quality.

All Natural Casings

Our sausages are always made with all natural sausage casings that allow smoking and cooking flavours to permate the casing and infuse the meat, giving the sausage a rich, even flavour throughout.


Our extensive range of gourmet & breakfast sausages is handcrafted, right here in Australia. Our recipes are skilfully blended to deliver delicious, full flavour sausages that are perfect for the food service market.

Rindless Bacon

Our Kurts rindless bacon delivers a lean rasher, that has been carefully cured and smoked to deliver full flavour.

Rind On Bacon

Our traditional rind on middle bacon delivers a delicious lightly smoked flavour and comes pre sliced ready to use.

Canadian Bacon

A unique and exclusive Kurts product.  Our Canadian bacon is box formed - delivering perfectly consistent slice sizes, perfect for catering and food service applications.

Perfect for Sharing!

A selection of our gourmet sausages, sliced and served with dipping sauces and relish makes a fantastic sharing platter for groups or an easy finger food option for event catering.

The best way to start the day

Breakfast just isn't complete without a delicious grilled chipolata on the plate.

The Gourmet Hot Dog

There are so many ways to make the humble sausage a truly gourmet culinary experience.

That's a wrap!

Our Canadian bacon delivers perfectly consistent slices - making it ideal for plating up beautifully presented chicken mignons.

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